The one about impersonating an officer

bffIt’s been 25 years since my first concert with this lady. We were 12 years old when my dad took my best friend and me to see Dwight Yoakam in San Benito, Texas. We stood behind a group of rowdy teenage boys who were drinking Miller Lite and swearing like sailors when my dad stepped in and posed as a TABC agent. That’s the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and I wouldn’t learn until a few years later that the acronym alone struck fear into the hearts of beer-drinking high-schoolers where I grew up. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for those boys to act right. We got to see Mr. Yoakam again recently – this time in Austin – and his inimitable twang took me right back to that show in 1992. If there’s a statute of limitations on impersonating an officer on behalf of your tween daughter and her BFF, I hope it’s run out by now.


A Turks and Caicos sunset

sunset over Grace Bay
PROVIDENCIALES, TCI —  The sun bid us farewell for the day after a lovely dinner of crab cakes and mahi mahi ceviche on our first night in Provo. We caught this gorgeous sunset at The Infiniti Bar, a modern lounge on the beach that deems itself the longest bar in the Caribbean at 90 feet.


For the love of SPAM


That’s Alice. She plays the canjo. Its long neck is made from reclaimed wood, then fitted with a single Banjo string and a can of SPAM. An empty can of the potted meat apparently produces better sound than, say, Campbell’s. In fact, each canjo is tuned to the key of D. I found Alice selling the instruments at Oktoberfest in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville on Saturday morning.

Yes, that’s a Playboy logo in the desert.


On our way outta Dodge on Sunday, we drove past the now-notorious 40-foot neon Playboy logo and, er, Dodge Charger in the middle of the desert. The art installation went up quietly in June on the outskirts of Marfa, and it wasn’t long before disapproving locals filed a complaint, calling licensing and permits into question. Is it art or advertising? Stay tuned for the bunny’s fate.