Camping with kids: 10 weird essentials

camping with kids

Mr. Wonderful and I took The Little Boys Club on a cub scout campout recently (the second time in 18 months that we’ve spent the night in the woods with 30 little boys) so we know what “the essentials” mean to us: Food. Shelter. Water. Airbed. Body pillow. (Am I the only one who expects to get a good night’s sleep in a tent?) But here’s the reality: When it comes to camping with kids, you’re gonna need some specific items. For example, well-named snacks. Snacks are serious business.

The trick is to put the munchies in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag and call them “extra special camping fun treats” or something with lots of adjectives. This works well for road trips, too. I fill bags with fruit, crackers, applesauce, popcorn, gum and leftover candy from the most recent holiday if I’m feeling extra generous with the sugar. These “super cool snack packs” will fill in the gaps between meals and incite your children’s love for comparison as they argue over who got the better gum flavor.

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Here comes the sun.

lucy at driftwood

After a few days of traffic-snarling sleet, Austin was pleasantly surprised with a picture-perfect Sunday. 77 degrees and sunny? Yes, please. The day practically begged for some bubbly, so the beau and I spent the afternoon with friends at Driftwood Estate Winery — just southwest of the city. With the Texas Hill Country as a backdrop, and a feisty wiener dog in tow, we sat atop a beautiful bluff that overlooked the vineyards below, and let the day take over.