Dining on word soup

winter garden toulouseTOULOUSE, France – On our first night in Toulouse, we dined al fresco in the center of the city at Winter Garden (pictured) on Rue des Gestes. Terrible name. Wonderful food. Oddly enough, we were seated next to TWO OTHER PEOPLE FROM AUSTIN. Life is weird sometimes.

The problem with visiting France right after Spain is that my brain is still defaulting to Spanish, so I’m living in a mixed up world of starting a sentence in Spanish, switching to English as I realize this is France and then ending with extra emphasis on a terribly enunciated “s’il vous plait” in an attempt to make up for the this hysteria.

The good news is that when speaking real shitty French at a restaurant, the waiters seem to feel sorry for us, so they switch to English. This is working well for us since the mister and I know a collective 12 French words.

The plan so far: Stand across the street from a place we need to enter and practice a couple sentences via translation app or phrase book. Then attempt to replicate what we just heard/read to get to the next step. Sometimes people just stare at us in disbelief, in which case we move on to Plan B: Charades.



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