A prayerful alternative to tourism

sagradaBARCELONA, Spain – I first visited the Sagrada Famila 15 years ago in college. The famous basilica designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi wasn’t even half way done back then – even though construction began in 1882. Today, she’s lookin’ pretty good for 134 years old. They still estimate another 10 years before completion, and if crews can pull it off, it would mark the centennial of the Gaurdi’s death.

Mr. Wonderful has always wanted to visit Spain – specifically Barcelona – so I was really looking forward to showing him this monolithic masterpiece. And since we were visiting on our first anniversary, I had hoped to take a moment inside the incredible church to say a prayer together on behalf of our marriage.

Unfortunately for us, however, there were no tickets available. Yep, you need to reserve tickets to get into a public church.

Instead, we improvised from the park across the street. How’s that for a view?



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