When peer pressure prevails.


MADRID, Spain – I just wanna give a shout out to these Spanish teenagers who were on some kind of field trip to the Parque El Retiro today. The park is legitimately magnificent, dotted with monuments and sculptures, and this group was extra fired up about their joyride on the lake in a solar-powered boat. Mr. Wonderful and I watched as dozens of others in rowboats made their way clumsily around the lake when we heard chanting coming from this rowdy bunch. When they saw us watching them from the center of a colonnade that overlooks the lake, the chorus just got louder:

“Beso! Beso! Beso!”

Challenge accepted. That husband of mine kissed me like we’d just been pronounced man and wife (which is appropriate because we’re just days away from anniversary No. 1) and those kids cheered as if they’d just won a bet. Happy to oblige, y’all.

half moon collonade
The grand colonnade featuring King Alfonso XII on horseback offering disapproving looks. | Buen Retiro Park – Madrid, Spain
Row-boaters of all ages cool off on the lake that highlights the grand colonnade on a 98-degree afternoon. | Buen Retiro Park – Madrid, Spain


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