An endowment of 2nd Century proportions

Temple of Debod

MADRID, Spain – Behold the Temple of Debod. We paid a visit to these Egyptian edifices on the hill in Parque del Oeste after a hearty paella lunch. The archways pictured above were a gift from Egypt to Spain for coming through in the clutch when the Spanish helped preserve some temples along the Nile during a massive flood. Spain’s handsome reward was originally constructed in 2nd Century BC. The arches were dismantled, relocated and then rebuilt here in Madrid in the early 1970s. So real vintage gift-giving on the part of the Egyptians.

Random aside:

Not long after I took this photo, a boy no older than 14 stopped us in the park and asked if we’d watch him “practice some mind tricks … because I am in training.” These are FOR REAL the words he used. Mr. Wonderful and I agreed reluctantly to these shenanigans, but immediately checked to make sure our wallets were still in their rightful places because this is exactly the kind of cuckoo diversion that happens about an hour before you realize your credit card has been used in an attempt to buy rail tickets to Oslo.

Turns out Baby Copperfield was genuine though, and the kid proceeded to regale us with some seriously impressive magic. (He meant MAGIC tricks, guys.)



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