“Broadway” from a bird’s eye

view from corte ingles

We strolled down the Gran Via today – better known as “Madrid’s Broadway” – on the way to  Plaza Callao. Located there is El Corte Ingles, a gigantic shopping center with this beautiful 9th-floor view of the Gran Via. That art deco beauty on the left is commonly known as the Capitol building, constructed in the 1930s for use as a hotel, cinema and retail space.


2 thoughts on ““Broadway” from a bird’s eye

  1. I still regret not buying a shirt at Corte Ingles in (gulp) 2005. I hate shopping but there’s something about shopping abroad which is wonderful. Try the jabon negro frond there (black soap?) my Spanish is rusty. My mother swears by it since their trip to Spain in the late 70s.

    1. Last time I was there was (gulp) 2002! And I totally came home with random items from then-newly discovered Zara and Mango. I will keep an eye out for the jabon!


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