For Earth Day, Sky Jello is where it’s at.

sky jello

In honor of Mother Earth, we made “Sky Jello” with The Little Boys Club this weekend. Some of you stopped reading at Jello because you’re not down with dye (or gelatin, for that matter.) But you can totally make your own homemade version if that’s your thing. Same goes for the whipped topping. Knock yourself out. Total respect. But if you’re doing this on the fly like me (and plan to make up for it with a healthy meal later) you only need three ingredients:

  • Berry Blue Jello
  • Cool Whip (thawed)
  • Rainbow gummy strips (We used Airheads Xtremes I found at the Dollar Tree.)

Grab a clear glass. We used some stemless wine glasses, but plastic works just as well. Same goes for those goblets you only use at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Start off by making the Jello according to package instructions and once it’s set, use a fork to scrape the Jello apart until it’s all broken up into beautiful, bright blue chunks.

Have your Littles drop a few big spoonfuls of Jello into their glass. Then, with a clean spoon, press a couple dollops of Cool Whip into the sides of your glass so they resemble a couple of floaty clouds. Lastly, grab one of those rainbow gummy strips (or two if you fancy a double rainbow) and create a little arc from one side of the glass to the other using the Cool Whip to hold it in place at both ends like glue.

That’s all, folks. Perfect way to celebrate Earth or any ‘ole sunny day.



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