Signs he might be your soulmate.

thumb war.JPG
The secret to a healthy marriage: Thumb War

The definition of a soulmate is subjective, of course, but I’m convinced we have many soulmates in our lifetimes – male and female alike. These are people who have left an indelible mark on our lives, passing along wisdom in some season when we needed it the most. And in my experience, these soulmates mostly show up in one of two forms: calm or chaotic. Some fleeting. Some enduring. My husband rides the calm and enduring train – with hilarity and harmony always one stop away. His telltale soulmate signs show up in all kinds of places. Here’s how I know:

1. He might be your soulmate if: He doesn’t bat an eyelash when you tell him he’s gonna have to dry off post-shower with one of the two flimsy beach towels we own because I donated all of our bath towels to the dog shelter. (Our wedding registry later solved that one.) Thankful.

2. He might be your soulmate if: He seeks out $5 toothpaste in an attempt to help you avoid a common ingredient known as sodium laurel sulfate because he knows it irritates your extra sensitive skin. I can only picture my sweet scientist reading the fine print on my behalf. Ditto on sunscreen, shampoo and soap. Salud.

3. He might be your soulmate if: You get stumped with hard parenthood questions, like “What’s a pimp?” and he fills in the gaps without missing a beat. (Hint: “I don’t know” is apparently an acceptable answer.)

4. He might be your soulmate if: He dutifully doles out your wiener dog’s meds when you are out of town. Bonus points if he admits it’s good practice for when you get old. Wait …

5. He might be your soulmate (and a damn fine gentleman) if: He still opens your car door. This is major and I still gawk incredulously every time he does it.

6. He might be your soulmate if: He puts his cologne on OUTSIDE because he knows the lingering smell inside the house is a migraine trigger. God bless him.

7. He might be your soulmate if: He can untangle your bird’s nest of necklaces.

8. He might be your soulmate if: He celebrates the mundane with champagne. Shout out to Living Room Dance Party and Pajama Battleship.

9. He might be your soulmate if: He lays the cooking compliments on thick, even when it ain’t so good. (I see you, Sugar-Free Muffins, and I WILL perfect you. Or not.)

10. He might be your soulmate if: He cleans the bathtub because he knows how much you hate to do it yourself. (Sing hallelujah.)

11. He might be your soulmate if: You catch him cradling your dachshund and singing nonsensical songs into her ear. (This goes for toddler nephews, too.)

12. He might be your soulmate if: He cooks. Even if only once in a blue moon. True love is waking up to the smell of breakfast. But true love at its very finest is finding your beloved standing over the stove, pan-searing a slice of watermelon in an attempt to surprise you with a bite of the delicious fruit you haven’t tasted in nearly eight years. (Background: You’ve picked up by now that my immune system struggle is real.) Melon is one of the many fruits that will not cooperate with me. After years of enjoying it hive-free, my body hit shuffle on food allergies and added the sweet summer staple to the already long list of raw foods I must avoid. The good news is that apparently cooking these jerks will break down the live enzymes that cause my allergic reaction. Enter Mr. Wonderful, who knows I miss melon the most. He wasted no time throwing a slice on the stove and serving it up for testing. Verdict: Soggy, but sweet. I’ll take it.

13. He might be your soulmate if: His gifts communicate he’s on board with who you are. Case in point: Jesus Feminist – a book I never mentioned was on my private Amazon wish list. After I unwrapped it one Christmas, it planted a mustard seed for what became a thought-provoking, Biblically focused book club with a round table of other “Jesus feminists.”  The moral of this story is: If he welcomes, supports and challenges some of your views on the world, you’re in good hands.

14. He might be your soulmate if: He surprises you with a mango Icee or a snickerdoodle cookie because he knows they are your foodie Kryptonite.

15. He might be your soulmate if: He utters sentences like, “It’s been a long time since we’ve done an 80s night.” Man after my own heart.

To be continued …



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