Place-and-bake cinnamon roll hearts

cinnamon roll

I got a little carried away with heart-shaped fare this weekend. We started our Saturday with these love-themed cinnamon rolls. No fuss. I just picked up a can of pre-made dough at the grocery store, rolled each pre-cut section into a heart and then baked as directed on 400 for about 10 minutes. Our Valentwins added some frosting and red sprinkles, and I served them alongside some fresh strawberries. Easy, festive and amusing.

Here’s an excerpt from our always-entertaining table conversations:

Me: “I thought we could make some heart-shaped pizzas again this year for dinner. You know, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

A.C.: “Isn’t Presidents Day coming up? Why don’t we make pizzas shaped like Abraham Lincoln?”

Clever, but way outside my realm of creativity, child. We stuck with the original plan: Heart-shaped flat bread, a few simple toppings and voila. Have a look. This gal even hand-cut the pepperonis into tiny hearts, y’all. Who am I?

heart pizza 2

heart pizza



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