Stealing glances

the signature room

A visit to the John Hancock Center, or  “Big John,” was in order on our second afternoon in Chicago, so after we disembarked from “Chicago’s First Lady,” we booked it to The Signature Room. More accurately, we stood in line for 30 minutes to get into an elevator that would take us to The Signature Room on the 95th floor. The 360-degree views, we heard, were worth crowding into said elevator with 22 other tourists at a time.

Ahem. They WERE, guys. This photo was taken from the women’s bathroom. You read that right. Floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of four states will make you forget what you went in there for.

And you know what didn’t hurt? The smoked duck nachos with melted Gouda and verde sauce in the lounge didn’t hurt. Sure, this place is totally overrun by tourists, but it was certainly worth a peek at Lake Michigan from above.



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