The Windy City initiation

segway craziesUpon arrival in Chicago last weekend, my friend and I were greeted by disappointingly freezing temps. I’m talkin’ about a below-40, wind-slapped kinda wake-up call. It was a book-it-to-Walgreens-for-gloves kinda greeting, y’all. There was snow just outside the Greater Chicago area and these Texans weren’t even wearing socks! (Rookies. I know.) “But it’s May!” we kept telling each other, as if Mother Nature might hear us and change her mind.

As we walked the 8 blocks the  from the train station to our hotel in the biting drizzle, you can imagine our surprise upon seeing these four crazies rockin’ it out on a Segway tour. I looked at my hand, numb from pulling my luggage sans glove, and shrugged. If they could find a way to enjoy a grey Chicago day, then so could we.



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