The sea of approval


I have a new appreciation for toe rings and animal prints after a recent cruise to Cozumel with Mr. Wonderful. Many of our shipmates looked suspiciously like the people of Walmart, but I will give credit where creativity is concerned. Kudos to the groups of cruisers sporting matching shirts bearing phrases like, “Get Ship Faced” and “Titanic Swim Team.” What can I say? I I have a soft spot for XXL puns. Well done.

All the while, I was crossing my fingers I wouldn’t end up with a “SURVIVOR: Carnival Edition” tee as a souvenir after hearing about the infamous “poop cruise” last fall. If you remember, that’s when a fire knocked out THIS VERY SHIP’s power, leaving 4,000 passengers and crew stranded for 4 days without sufficient food, water or toilets. I don’t think I have to explain the nickname.  Thankfully during our stay, all went swimmingly aboard the Triumph — named appropriately. Full disclosure: I may have boarded the ship with my own travel-sized bottle of Lysol. I may have worn flip flops in the shower. And I most certainly had the hand sanitizer on rotation. So there you have it. Confessions of a germaphobe. Revealed.


Minus a little motion-induced vertigo, our sunny sail days were pretty solid. Impressive cleanliness, lot of activities, great food, good tunes, and, of course, perfect poolside company.

Actually, seasick sweetheart seemed perfectly content in his lounge chair watching me host a dance party of one on the lido deck. Who knew that Pitbull had such an effect on me? Or was it the lovely libation presented to me in a pineapple? Warning: Novelty drinks may cause illusions of grandeur on the dance floor — as evidenced by the rum cocktail served up inside a disco ball the night before. All aboard!


2 thoughts on “The sea of approval

  1. Some of my best dancing is done after partaking in fruity cocktails and martinis. Truthfully, that is usually when Pitbull appeals to me the most. And Kesha. Hopefully you won’t judge me now that you know the truth.


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