The Italian jaunt


So clearly I’ve been on major hiatus from the travel blog. Not because I haven’t been anywhere since 2010, but because publicizing my personal writing freaks me out a little bit. It’s like everyone can see inside my closet or something. But it’s also my favorite thing in the world to do so there’s that. Anyway, at the request of friends who want to follow along as I document my next adventure, I’ll be posting soon about my upcoming culinary trip to Italy. Also what I eat there. (Can someone please pay me to eat and travel and write about eating and traveling?)

Anyway, the upcoming Italian getaway with two of my favorite people will take place in the foothills of Abruzzo, a province of south-central Italy about 50 miles east of Rome.

And there will be food. Glorious food.

I’m talking cheese-making, truffle hunting, from-scratch pasta, ocean-to-table seafood, and of course, gelato! Whee! Can gastronomic perfection be reached? We shall see. Bon appetite to me.


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