Bermuda Day 3: Take me down to parliament city


This morning, my friend and I hopped on the blue trolley to Waterlot. Only a 5-minute ride from the hotel, Waterlot is a local steakhouse, but more importantly, it’s where the boat dock and ferry is located. We took the 9 a.m. ferry 20 minutes to Hamilton — the capital of Bermuda and the center of Parliament – where we had a look around City Hall and the art gallery it houses.

After lunch at the local diner, we walked across the street to the Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity for a quick look inside the 100-year-old church. The sanctuary and organ were enormous, so Id’ have to agree that the “most holy” moniker was certainly appropriate.

Also located in Hamilton is one of the main distilleries for Bacardi, Inc. The well-known liquor is used to make the famous little rum cakes sold all over the island.

Next, we hopped the ferry back to Southampton and walked over to Horseshoe Bay, locally known as the “mother of all Bermuda beaches.” It proved to be a gorgeous stretch of sand and surf with numerous individual coves for those who prefer a more … private experience. Needless to say, we left all the lovebirds to their own devices and booked it back to the hotel to rest.

After a long day of exploration and a whole lot of sun, we enjoyed dinner at Bacci, a lovely local Italian place down the road. I indulged in the spaghetti de mare, chock full of tasty lobster, shrimp, clams and mussels. Best part of the day. Shellfish make this girl very happy.

Tomorrow: Gibbs Hill Lighthouse & Gala Dinner



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