Bermuda Day 2: Aren’t you, barracuda?

A friend is representing her company at a conference here and I’ve been able to tag along to various events and take advantage of some delicious island food. Yesterday, I attended their guest speaker luncheon after I heard Alison Levine would be telling her story. Levine was the captain of the U.S. women’s climbing team during a recent trek up Mount Everest. Fascinating story.  Her message: Sometimes you have to go backward to move forward. Also, ask the right questions.


On to the good stuff: Erika and I decided to spend the day snorkeling the coral reefs that pepper the ocean just in front of the private beach cove owned by the hotel. During our exploration, we had the pleasure of meeting the national fish of Bermuda: the parrotfish. He’s a striking beauty, with blue and yellow neon stripes and distinct teeth he uses to munch on the submerged coral. We followed him so Erika could get some underwater shots of he and his compadres, as well as a bevy of other gorgeous sea life — including a pair of barracudas.

Afterward, we enjoyed a couple of Cuba Libres on the beach, a night dip in the hotel pool (and down the kiddie slide), and a late-night chat on the balcony. A day well spent.

Tomorrow: Hamilton, aka: Capital City



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